Joe Judge appeared on NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" to discuss a community outreach project his New York Giants are undertaking, so keep in mind that Judge is very much not Scrooge when you read what he said during that program. When the questions kept coming about Christmas instead of the Giants' Week 16 opponent, Judge didn't mince words.

"With all due respect to Christmas," Judge began, "let's forget about Christmas for a little while and focus on the Ravens."

There are two ways to view this.

The first: Judge is the head coach of the Giants, a team sitting one game off the lead in the NFC East. There are two regular-season games left. The soonest, on Sunday, comes against Baltimore and dynamo quarterback Lamar Jackson. Judge certainly wants to stay focused on winning that football game.

The second: Guess what's before Sunday? Friday. And guess what's this Friday? Christmas. Judge has four children who are likely very much hoping their father doesn't forget about Christmas for too long. 

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Judge, the first-year head coach in New York and a former pupil of Bill Belichick in New England, can celebrate the holiday however he'd

like. Maybe his family has gotten used to delaying major Christmas celebrations until after the football season, which inevitably runs right on through Christmas. None of those specifics was clarified, so Judge was left saying something that could go viral.

It might not be especially worth focusing too hard on the Ravens, anyway. For the past two seasons, teams have known they have to find a way to stop Lamar Jackson, and few have come up with a method for that difficult task. Maybe the best way to stop Jackson is to not think about stopping him at all — or maybe Judge will have to hope Santa Claus leaves the optimal gameplan under his Christmas tree. 

Either way, Judge's comments Wednesday morning may not have put him in an especially good light with Santa. The "naughty list" surely still has room for one more, and Judge's stocking may end up full of coal.