Late in Josh Allen's dominance on Week 13's "Monday Night Football," Rainn Wilson (who played Dwight Schrute on "The Office") gave him a shoutout.

"(Josh Allen) is my second favorite quarterback," Wilson tweeted. 

The Bills' QB replied soon after beating the 49ers, putting his own spin on a classic line from "The Office": "Assistant favorite Qb, or assistant to your favorite Qb?"

In "The Office," Schrute decides to embrace his assistant to the regional manager role by calling himself the "assistant regional manager," and Allen played into that fun. It makes sense that Allen was in good spirits, because he'd just completed 32-of-40 passes for 375 yards and four touchdowns in a 34-24 win for Buffalo (9-3) over San Francisco (5-7). The 32 completions were one off a career-high, and the four touchdowns tied a single-game career-best.

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It's not crystal clear who Wilson's favorite NFL quarterback is, although he's a noted Seahawks fan, so Russell Wilson is likely the front-runner. There's also competition for that assistant to Wilson's favorite quarterback spot, though.

After the Browns' win Sunday, Baker Mayfield pulled out a classic Schrute line about thinking

about what an idiot would do and not doing that. Mayfield, like Allen, threw four touchdown passes in a win to move to 9-3, so there are quite the number of similarities. Maybe they'll have a run-off next to a road-side radar gun to see which player gets to be the true assistant to Wilson's favorite quarterback.