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Blueness signs up for investigation in: Even more 6 into suffer t上海龙凤阁he person that visit to think to want to keep name of both sides上海千花网论坛 of husband and wife on house property card

Heat up sowed teleplay before long af新上海龙凤ore " happy eulogy 2 " in, fan 上海贵族宝贝龙凤Powered By 龙凤419贵族宝贝Sheng beauty rejects to his name is added on house property card and part company with him because of male friendly Wang Baichuan. Discuss ardently what this one clue caused an audience. In actual life, a few people that are about to enter marital hall value the name on house property card particularly. Somebody thinks to the name is added on house property card is a kind of acceptance is mixed assure, also somebody thinks, oneself or parental hardship make money the name that bought house cannot add other in part easily. How does the public see this problem?

Recently, society of Chinese youth newspaper office investigates a center to combine questionnaire net, an investigation that endures the person that visit to undertake to 2016 shows, of 40.8 % suffer the person that visit to meet to whose name is kept on house property card apprehension is vexed. Of 66.4 % suffer the person that visit to think to be necessary to write husband and wife on house property card the name of two people. Of 43.7 % suffer the person that visit to feel to add name of other one party on house property card, can be helpful for marriage firm, of 24.6 % suffer the person that visit to think won't.

66.4 % suffer the person that visit to think to be necessary to write husband and wife on house property card the name of two people

In investigation, of 40.8 % suffer the person that visit to meet to wh[......]

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During place area held the Olympic Winter Games 上海贵族宝贝论坛2022, Beijing will realize car of龙凤419贵族宝贝 new energy resources to be enclothed completely

Beijing of China News Service on June 29 report (reporter Yin Li) Beijing world of since of Olympic Winter Games is tall 2022 the arena of horizontal athlete, also will become " Beijing is created " of achievement of n上海龙凤网坛ewest scie上海千花网论坛nce and technology show arena. Committee of Beijing science and technology (next weighing Beijing committee of science and technology) relevant controller expresses 29 days, during the Olympic Winter Games is held, its are in area to will realize car of new energy resources to be enclothed completely, the respect such as service of place construction, installation will use achievement of newest science and technology and product.

29 days, office of Beijing government news combines much branch to hold " 5 years when encourage act vigorously enters " series news briefing. Introduce according to Xu Jia上海千花网论坛ng of director of Beijing committee of science and technology, in the course that builds center of innovation of countrywide science and technology energetically, beijing already obtained positive result of a lot of new and high science and technology. Beijing committee of science and technology is choosing a few enterprises, technology and project, be opposite actively with Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee receive, in order to make more detailed job plan, let these latest technology and product get apply and be revealinged on the Olympic Winter Games.

Xu Jiang introduces, in recent years, beijing accelerates industry of auto[......]

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Case of 上海后花园论坛court of Ha爱上海ngzhou west lake is numerous brief billabong: 4 minutes of fast summary written guarantee the look takes drug taking case

Public prosecutor is in a detention house in person of procuratorate, the accused, adopt long-range video system, court of people of division of west lake of city of Zhejiang province Hangzhou tried Han Mou to steal case and Ge Mou look to take drug taking case at successional on June 28 afternoon open a court session. The fact that accuses to public prosecution mechanism in view of the accused person, accusation and proposal of measurement of penalty do not have demur, person of classics the accused and public prosecutor agree, the court undertakes a court investigation, court argues and be adjudged on the court no longer. When every case is used 4 minutes, whole journey 8 minutes.

This is countrywide court case numerous reform of brief billabong mechanism is advanced during the meeting, " legal daily " delegate of reporter be accompanying attending the meeting comes to criminal of view and emulate of court of west lake district fast the one act that sees when case of the cognizance that decide law court.

In recent years, our country lawsuit erupts type grows, little contradiction of case much person is outstanding. This year up to on June 20, various court gets the place record volume exceeds 14.28 million, with photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 12.84% . It is the difficult problem that defeat so上海龙凤1314lution, informatization of have the aid of of each district court, press a case energetically numerous reform of brief billabong mechanism,[......]

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Cui Shujiang holds the post of secretary-general of Beijing municipal上海龙凤后花园 Party co爱上海新419mmittee (graph / resume)

Beijing of network of Chinese Communist news on June 30 report (reporter Yao Qian) recently, beijing people government is sponsorred " the window of the capital " website " leader of municipal Party committee " the column is updated, resume shows, cui Shujiang currently holds the post ofthe members of standing committee of Beijing municipal Party committee, post such as secretary-general. Public report shows, beijing of the Communist Party of China is dozenth the plenary session holds夜上海论坛 上海贵族宝贝龙凤a committee first time on June 23 afternoon, cui Shujiang is elected as members of standing committee of Beijing municipal Party committee.

Cui narrates strong comrade resume

Cui Shujiang上海大龙凤, male, the Han nationality, unripe in May 1963, peking Man, in September 1988 join阿拉爱上海 or be admitted to the party, had a job in July 1985, the university graduates (institute of Beijing finance and trad上海龙凤419论坛e is versed in commercial firm politics manages professional) , economics doctor, advanced economy division. Currently hold the post ofdirector of members of standing committee of Beijing municipal Party committee, secretary-general, general office (hold concurrently) , city straight office is versed in appoint secretary (hold 上海千花网论坛 concurrently) , deepen reform to lead group office director in the round (hold) concurrently, haidian area appoint secretary.

Ever held the post of Beijing deputy director general of registry office of c上海千花网论坛ompany of industrial and commercial bureau, section ch[......]

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The speech 上海贵族宝贝sh1314that Xi Jinping welcomes late banquet to go up in government of Hong Kong Special Ad上海龙凤1314ministrative Region (full text)

Hong Kong of Xinhua News Agency on June 30 report

The speech on late banquet welcomes in government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

(On June 30, 2017)

Xi Jinping

Commissioner Mr Liang Zhenying,

Await month of commissioner Lin Zheng Ms. E,

Brethrens, friends:

Everybody good evening! 9 years are lain between when, the sweet river of revisit beauty, with everybody collective congratulatory Hong Kong returns to the motherland 20 years, I feel very glad. Here, I represent administration and the people of all nations, to be present everybody passes you, pay cordial greeting and good wish to all Hong Kong dweller!

-- years is not resided, if season flows. Before you can say Jack Robinson, hong Kong Special Administrative Region greets the 20 birthday of anniversary. After-thought in those days, the one act act that mother of regression of boy far away from home cherishs is touching setting still clearly is in eye. We still remember, when Hong Kong political power has sex, national anthem of People's Republic of China is played magnificently, what ensign of People's Republic of China and division of division of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region rise gradually is divine and majestic. We still remember, when the the Chinese People's Liberation Army is stationed in harbor army to garrison, hong Kong brethren is risking heavy rain enthusiastic gay excitement is excited. We still remember, in be fond of the day that receives regression in, china earth decorate with l[......]

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Zhang Zhu holds the post of secretary上海千花兼职 of Ningxia firm f贵族宝贝花千坊ormer municipal Party committee

Recently, party committee of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region decides: Comrade Zhang Zhu holds the post of committee member of firm former municipal Party committee, members of standing committee, secretary; Comrade Ji Zheng holds the post of secretary-general of municipal Party committee,

Solid former city holds leader cadre plenary meeting

Announce firm former municipal Party committee basically is led hold a post decision

On June 30, solid former city holds leader cadre plenary meeting, zheng of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, secretary-general discipline, minister of ministry of members of standing committee of municipal Party committee, organization fills Rong Hua, zhang Zhu of secretary of former municipal Party committee of members of standing committee 上海贵人千花网of municipal Party committee, firm attends the meeting and speak. The conference announced municipal Party committee basically leads the decision that hold a post about firm former municipal Party committee.

Ji Zheng goes out in speaking middle finger, determined obedience organizes a decision. Former development change originallies since holding a post, be attributed to the Party Central Committee to take seriously of area, impoverished to revolutionary old quarter, nation area highly with kind consideration, the adamancy that is attributed to municipal Party committee is led and support energetically, the joint efforts that is attributed to masses of cadre of whole town every nationa[......]

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Feed medical 上海千花网坊inspect total bureau: Did not show nearly 3 yea上海龙凤后花园rs 3 get together the index such as cyanogen amine is unqualified powder of infant recipe milk

Special provision registers total bureau of supervisory government of national provision medicines and chemical reagents Wang Gong of administrative department director expressed a few days ago, safety of our country special provision is overall and at present stable, in keeping firm to good trend.

The customer of food of the 2nd China that Wang Gong上海千花网论坛 held a few days ago says on forum, look from the sampling observation circumstance of special provision, health food 2016 in all sampling observation sample of 4200 much batch, overall sample percent of p上海花千坊1314ass is 98.1% , than 2015, lifted respectively 2014 1.6 with 4.2 percent. Powder of infant recipe milk 2016 in all sampling observation sample of 2500 much batch, sample percent of pass is 98.7% , than 2015, lifted respectively 2014 1.5 with 1.2 percent, will nearly 3 years did not discover上海千花验证归来 3 get together the index such as上海贵族宝贝论坛 cyanogen amine, salmonella is unqualified sample, the index certificate of proof such as vitamin C, vitamin A leads year after year to rise.

Meanwhile, special provision industry returns existence prod贵族宝贝上海论坛uct to locate unsharpness, recipe crosses excessive, false exaggerated conduct propaganda too much sale of misdirect consumer, illegal market, break the law add presence the problem such as potential risk. Wang Gong points out, be aimed at above problem, we will grasp hold law, science, rectify pay equal attention to with reform, the society is treated in all wait for a concept,[......]

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Law of prevention and cure of firs上海龙凤1314t soil co上海龙凤1314ntamination arouses edaphic environment to monitor with repair market

Law of prevention and cure of first soil contamination arouses edaphic environment to monitor with repair market

Recently, the 28th爱上海贵族宝贝 times the conference is opposite standing committee of National People's Congress of 12 whole nations " law of prevention and cure of soil contamination of People's Republic of China (draft) " (the followi魔都新茶论坛ng abbreviation " draft " ) undertook deliberative. This is the one-way law of the field of prevention and cure of the first soil contamination that level of our country state makes. Market personage thinks, policy profit is good under, hopeful of job of prevention and cure of our country soil contamination obtains bigger breakthrough, will release edaphic environment to monitor greatly wait for market space with edaphic rehabilitate.

The state of countrywide soil contamination that environmental protection ministry and ministry of land natural resources release before this上海夜网论坛 investigates bulletin to show, condition of environment of our country soil is ove上海千花网论坛rall not allow hopeful, partial area soil contamination is heavier, care of ca上海千花网论坛n of quality of far上海千花网论坛mland soil environment, factory employment discards problem of ground soil environment is highlighted. Total pollution nods our country soil a rate exceeding bid for 16.1% , spend slightly, gently among them, in spend and spend pollution to nod a scale to be respectively again 11.2% , 2.3% , 1.5% with 1.1% .

Draft is clear, the country organizes general investigation of e[......]

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Posture of anti-corru爱上海自荐贴ption of heavy first half of 上海龙凤自荐区the year fist is not decreased fall cadre of the canal in the horse adds 12 people again

Of the China Disciplinary Commission " hit a tiger " list still is being updated continuously in.

The reporter combs discovery, be in what just go 2017 first half of the year, posture of heavy fist anti-corruption still is not decreased, cadre of the canal in having 27 early or late went up the bulletin list of the China Disciplinary Commission.

Include in former days " imperial envoy " inside, half an year will fall of the horse in tubal cadre adds 12 people again. Their name appears in hold discipline examines a bulletin in. Current, the China Disciplinary Commission already finished the put on record that waits for 4 people to Yu Haiyan to examine. They by discharge party membership, government service or cancel emeritus pay.

Outside removing this 4 people, because violate discipline badly,have 11 people additionally by discharge party membership, the particular case that violate discipline can look in bulletin of party disipline punish after all. "Overtly agree but covertly oppose " " Yi Guanyi business " " do greatly with case seek illicit " " hook in corrodes cadre of record be careful in one's conduct and perambulatory cadre " etc new state appear in the bulletin.

First half 上海千花网论坛of the year, "Ask duty " one of keywords that in making a journal, appear. Cadre of the 4 canals in the name is broken because of serious neglect one's duty duty the responsibility that be found out, suffer " bluff type " administration demotes punish, this is released undoubtedly have duty as[......]

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