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Beautiful dish became angry still can eat how is beautiful dish washed clean

Beautiful dish is in daily in it is commonner, a lot of people like to take beautiful course, dish having a flower is not divided old little, so beautiful dish became angry can still eat, how is beautiful dish washed clean, look together.

Did beautiful dish become angry can you still eat?

Inspect a condition and decide. Generally speaking, delivering yellow vegetable is inedible, because it is not with vegetable in that way color is euqally green, if be,fizzle out a little a bit, do not matter, nutrition still does not have complete prediction of a person's luck in a given year, OK still edible.

How is beautiful dish washed clean

1, we should break it along its branch first come down, then we should use a knife to dissection along its bine, divide it a small a small.

2, after been cut, we can clean cauliflower. Rinse with clear water first, after be being rinsed, should let it be on brine bubble probably 5-10 minute, next reoccupy clear water is washed clean.

3, we let it be in in boiling water below Shang Yi even finally, and want sodium bicarbonate is added in boiling water.

Macula grows on beautiful dish can still eat

There is macula to be able to eat to still must treat specific condition on beautiful dish.

1, the case that can take

If macula is not much and just grow the word in surface layer, macula can eat after purify.

2, inedible circumstance

If stain has blossommed a shape, and grow very greatly, that had better not eat.

On beautiful dish why chairman macula

1, beautiful[......]

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Do Gong Qiukui's effect and action red abelmosk have filling kidney function

Gong Qiukui is a more special breed in Qiu Kui, some people had not seen the possibility even, mention Qiu Kui, the first reaction of everybody is green for certain, we come to the Gong Qiukui below understanding have what profit below.

Gong Qiukui's effect and action

1. Qing Dynasty heats up reduce internal heat

From the point of the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine's angle, gong Qiukui belongs to the vegetable of cold sex, contain more cold air, the steam inside body can be counteracted after edible, suit to heat up the person edible of sexual constitution very, in summer edible can have the effect that is away for the summer holidays to clear hot reduce internal heat.

2. enhances eyesight

Many vitamin is contained in Gong Qiukui A and fight the cyanine element with extremely strong oxidisability, ensure after edible vitamin A is gone to by sufficient carriage retinal, promote inspect amaranthine qualitative synthesis, ensure good eyesight, edible can prevent what cataract and dark adaptation ability drop to appear.

3. alleviates anile

Rich vitamin C and cyanine element are contained in Gong Qiukui, these two kinds of material belong to the antioxidant of powerful effect, edible can keep clear of the freedom inside body base, alleviate anile, also have inhibition to the synthesis of pigment and precipitation, suit female beauty white edible very.

Does Gong Qiukui have filling kidney function

Eating Gong Qiukui is OK of filling kidney.

Contain in Gong Qiukui fight oxidation[......]

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Eat leek to conduce to defecate eat leek stomach to bilge how does gas do

Often eat leek or have profit very much, leek still has particular sanitarian function, so eat leek to conduce to defecate, eat leek stomach to bilge how does gas do, everybody understands understanding together.

Eat leek to conduce to defecate?

Eat leek to be able to promote defecate. Leek has effect of heat preservation, stomachic, the crude fibre that its contain can promote alvine peristalsis, help human body is digested. Not only can prevent chronic constipation and alvine cancer, still but enteron medium certain and sundry wrap up rises, outside following defecate eduction style, appeared dyspeptic or the symptom of inappetence, eat a few leek appropriately, can help alleviate effectively illness, have the effect that feeds to appetizing disappear.

Eat leek stomach to bilge how does gas do

1, drink water to move more more

Ate leek to appear bilge if enraging, can try much a few more drinkable warm boiled water or brine, do not sit to perhaps lay down next, had better be to standing to perhaps go out.

2, massage abdomen

Can massage massage abdomen to bilge more with finger angry place, can accelerate gas so as soon as possible outside eduction body, bilge thereby angry symptom can get alleviating114夜网论坛 certainly.

3, take disappear to feed piece can take a few stimulative digestive disappear is fed piece, outside digesting the food that remains in alvine path eduction body as soon as possible, also can bilge the abdomen mediumly incidentally outside gas eduction body.

Eat leek ora[......]

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When does persimmon eat good to the body persimmon to eat to want Su opening

Of persimmon have a meal have a lot of kinds, a variety of like by everybody, the nutrition of persimmon is very tall also, so it when persimmon eats is good to the body that when persimmon eats, does persimmon eat to want Su opening, look together below.

It when persimmon eats is good to the body that when114夜网论坛 persimmon eats?

Appropriate eats after the meal. Because hydrochloric acid in gastric juice already was united in wedlock with food, appear not easily " persimmon stone " , if gastric stone appears inside the stomach, light person meeting occurrence epigastrium is aching, serious person still can stimulate gastric bowel to cause gastrorrhagia, gastritis and gastric ulcer disease, cause gastric perforation to endanger life even. The persimmon that just picks additionally, character is very strong, cannot edible, and very acerbity, after need puts 2-3 day, persimmon just is met molten, taste becomes Gan Tian is goluptious.

Does persimmon eat to want Su opening

Eat to want gargle. Persimmon contains sugar tall and contain pectic, the remains of persimmon stays in in slit between the teeth, add the tannic acid of weak acidity, cause very easily to the tooth erode form dental caries, the appropriate after eating persimmon so drinks a few water, or seasonable gargle.

Eat persimmon meeting get fat

Eat persimmon right amountly to won't cause body get fat, many vitamin C is contained in persimmon, a few edible, have enhance airframe immunity power, be helpful for the health of the bo[......]

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how is dish done delicious eat dish has what what notices

Everybody should have heard of in the life dish, so your understanding dish? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all how 114夜网论坛is dish done delicious, and eat what what notices does dish have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

how is dish done delicious

1. after dish immerses 10 minutes with weak brine, clean, section.

2. oil heats up stir-fry before stewing to fry green ginger garlic to arrive a fragrance.

3. joins cutlet to continue to fry.

4. is put dish piece, continue to fry, the time that compares Xie Cai should grow a little a bit, join salt, give boiler.

Eat dish has what what notices

1, what person cannot eat dish

Taste empty is cold person avoid is taken.

2, the applicable crowd of dish

Average crowd all but edible.

3, the edible of dish is no-no

food taste is bitter, acerbity, the gender is cool. Excessive edible may cause indigestion.

how is dish washed clean

Immerse with weak brine can. the action of the resistance that the active ingredient in dish can have to enhance human body, especially the user with body poorer constitution, proper in the life edible a few dish, the result that enhances immune power to the help also is very pretty good, and can prevent grippe and eliminate exhaustion. a kind dish also is Chinese cabbage, because this also has diuretic effect. this plants dish delicate vegetable not only nutrition is rich, and proper edible a few dish, it is endotoxin of can cleared body and redundant moisture more, metabolic to h[......]

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Pig heart often can eat heart taking a pig is met suffer from excessive internal heat

Everybody should hear in the life those who cross rife animal is splanchnic, but do you understand gallinaceous gizzard? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all can pig heart often eat, and heart taking a pig meeting get angry? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Can pig heart often eat

Pig heart cannot eat everyday, besides pig heart a lot of things can not take everyday. Pluck cannot eat everyday more, but now and then porker heart is first-rate.

Heart taking a pig meeting get angry

Heart taking a pig won't suffer from excessive internal heat114夜网论坛. Pig heart contains rich vitamin, nutrition of OK and compensatory cardiac muscle, enhance power of cardiac muscle systole thereby.

What should heart taking a pig notice

1, almond. Pig heart and almond eat together, cause the symptom of abdominal distension, bellyacke very easily.

2, orange. Because the tannic acid in the protein in pig heart and orange can be united in wedlock,this is, can generate go against material of human body digestive, produce the symptom such as disgusting, bellyacke.

3, soya bean. If at the same time edible, the protein that pig heart contains and mineral easy be united in wedlock with the establish acid in soya bean, can affect nutrient absorption.

Pig heart is very hot how should be done

1, pig heart, lotus seed (go heart) , prince ginseng, round flesh is abluent.

2, use entirely makings put bowl inside, add clear water right amount, after high heat boil, slow fire Bao 2 ho[......]

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The crab with good blast can be put how long can be the crab with good blast refrigerated

Everybody should have eaten crab in the life, so do you understand the crab with good blast? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all the crab with good blast can be put how long, and can be the crab with good blast refrigerated? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

The crab with good blast can be put how long

A few hours differ to a few days. The bacterium of its surface after crab deepfry has been exterminated, its crab that saves time to be able to pass than doing not have scamper should grow, but because contain rich protein among them, fall in constant temperature condition so, still can cause a bacterium and addle metamorphism, if will be saved below its park normal temperature, can deposit 8-10 hour left and right sides only commonly; If its park freezer is refrigerated, can put 2-3 day commonly; If park is refrigerant, save time the meeting is longer, but deepfry crab saves time to grow more, its mouthfeel and nutrient value will be poorer, because this suggests the crab of deepfry is best as early as possible edible.

Can be the crab with good blast refrigerated

Can. The crab with good blast can be put in cold storage area to save, just put into the cold storage inside area of freezer cooked food to save, should as soon as possible edible, saved time shoulds not be too long, because the splanchnic organ such as crab bowel causes a bacterium extremely easily, long put edible to be able to bring safe hidden trouble. Constant companion h[......]

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Does mango sago show dew of sago of with what milk good mango to be able to use coconut juice

Mango sago dew is a very popular sweetmeats, dew is made plus milk and it basically is become with mango, sago, sweet and goluptious, so grandma of which bull kept for cove114夜网论坛ring do oneself use to had been compared commonly when the home does mango sago to show?

With what milk mango sago dew is good

Mango sago dew is a fruit sweetmeats, should make have mango taste already, want to have thick grandma sweet smell again, had better choose pure milk or the case that the supermarket sells installs bright milk.

The proposal does not choose the milk drink that other fruit flavour is like red jujube, strawberry, because these are " fruit milk drink " , flavour of can diluent mango, and because additive is more, bad also to the body, after eating appear easily intestines and stomach is ill.

Can mango sago dew use coconut juice


The mango sago that does with coconut juice shows flavour of not only coco to return flavour having a grandma, sweet and goluptious. Also somebody uses half pure milk and half coco juice to be boiled together. According to individual taste, can nod rock candy slightly a bit, coconut juice is sweeter, used coconut juice to want to put sugar less.

The way that mango sago shows

Material: Juice of sago, mango, coco


(1) heats water, put a small sago, small fire is boiled, notice sago sticks boiler bottom easily, when boiling, otherwise stops ground agitate. Etc sago becomes completely transparent or among only little involves fire when core in vain, rush rep[......]

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Arhat fruit tea can be drunk for a long time can be period of arhat fruit tea drunk

Although arhat fruit tea is a kind of very healthy drink, but we do not suggest everybody is long-term and drinkable commonly, the word that drinks for a long time or meeting have certain side effect, because this often drinks arhat fruit at ordinary times,the friends of tea should notice to fall.

Can be arhat fruit tea drunk for a long time

Arhat fruit tea had better not long-term and drinkable.

Average person is short-term inside just as well of tea of fruit of drinkable dry arhat, long-term and drinkable meeting brings about the fall of gastric bowel function, cause the pathology reaction of chain. Because flavor of arhat fruit tea is too sweet, hurt taste easily so, even if tea of fruit of long-term and drinkable arhat causes normal person easily also intestines and stomach is unwell.

Can be period of arhat fruit tea drunk

OK and right amount drink little.

Because the dietotherapy effect of arhat fruit tea is admirable, so female menstruation can drink arhat fruit tea, but right amount still can, excessive edible can be caused instead combat the effect. Come in menstruation when tide, the female may appear the symptom such as acid of appetite difference, waist, exhaustion. Right now, appropriate is chosen already action of beneficial skin hairdressing, be opposite again the food with the travel good " of " classics water, medicines and chemical reagents. The food that appropriate chooses and medicines and chemical reagents have: Hotpot, chicken, red jujube, skin of soya-bea[......]

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Black chicken broth has acrid still can drink how does hair of black chicken broth do painstakingly

Some friends have the possibility had encountered this kind of situation, it is oneself when the home stews black chicken broth, appeared the phenomenon that hair of black chicken broth suffers from, actually many sided reason brings about this the likelihood, have so bitter can be black chicken broth still drunk?

Black chicken broth has acrid can be still drunk

Slight and acrid it is drinkable.

Generally speaking, because gallbladder was defeated,black chicken broth has acrid possibility is medium perhaps the medicinal material is put much, what can right amount edible cause to human body adverse effect. It is opposite only for mouthfeel is so not salty bright, some crowds may accept this kind of bitterer mouthfeel without method.

How does hair of black chicken broth do painstakingly

If black chicken broth is drunk,rise hair is bitter, can try amid to add bit of white vinegar to alleviate its are agonized mouthfeel, also perhaps can join a few sweet taste to feed material to be stewed together boil, be like: Red jujube, medlar, dangshen, but general these methods also can alleviate on certain level only, not can complete purify its are acrid.

The practice of black chicken broth

Material: Flower of the black chicken, lean lean, marine coco, ginseng that spend a banner, Chinese caterpillar fungus, medlar, salt


1, the stripping and slicing after black chicken has been handled, other and all material is likewise abluent had cut.

2, in putting all stuff bowl together, add w[......]

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