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Xi Ji上海龙凤自荐区nping will visit上海花千坊爱上海 Russia, Germany and attend G20 peak to meet

Xi Jinping will have state visit to Russia, Germany and attend 20 countries group leader is dozenth second peak is met

Liu Kang of spokesman of Ministry of Foreign Affairs announces:

Should because Shi Tai of pre上海4197龙凤sident of republic of federal of volition of Beijing of general of Russian Federation presi夜上海论坛dent, heart strides Er and pr上海后花园emier Mokeer to invite, national chairman Xi Jinping will have state visit to afore-menti上海千花网论坛oned two countries at will coming 6 days on July 3.

Mokeer of premier of republic of上海千花坊1314 federal上海千花网论坛 of Ying Deyi annals invites, the 20 countries th上海419验证归来at chairman Xi Jinping will attend the country to will be held in German hamburger to 8 days on July 7 group leader is dozenth second peak is met.


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Roaring Guangdong cause celebrates th爱上海e force with which sth brea爱上海贵族宝贝论坛ks out of Xi Jianghong water partial boat paragraph traffic control

In new network Guangzhou on July 4 report (Bin of Guo Jun model) the reporter learns 4 days from Guangdong maritime bureau, suffer effect of strong recently precipitation, on the west river happen 2017 the 1st flood, at present Xi Jiangzhao celebrates paragraph of water level to rise continuously, xi Jiangzhao celebrates paragraph of closed, heart to celebrate water level to already all transcended warning line, partial boat paragraph begin to practice traffic control.

It is reported上海花千坊1314, lash-up of good to do prevent or control flood works, bureau of Zhao Qinghai thing at 3 days 20 when start lash-up of prevent or control flood 30 minutes beforehand case Ⅲ class is answered, on July 4 10 when 15 time celebrate Duan Shi to impose control of Feng Hang traffic to Xi Jiangzhao, with door of Wu city, Yun Fu, Fosan, river maritime bureau forms traffic control linkage, outside asking to divide the shipping of rush to deal with an emergency of 上海千花网论坛fight a flood, prohibit all shipping enter the water area that seal boat, ship of sail a boat of boat of area under administration stops to sail instantly, choose anchoring of safe water area, a light boat of each ship traffic (working a light boat) prohibit entering the water voyage.

Meanwhile, river artery closed, heart celebrates bureau of Zhao Qinghai thing on the west, sit上海贵族宝贝sh1314e of 5 m阿拉后花园aritime place arranges lake of upright city, vessel, Jin Li 24 one hour value defend personnel, execute the law personnel every other a[......]

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China develops lunar爱上海千花网论坛 base to try上海花千坊419 in Nanhai sea inside the place of 4500 meters of manned submersible that finish

4500 meters of manned submersible of our country ye上海千花网论坛sterday (on July 7) the development inside the place that finis上海花千坊爱上海h, decided the sea tries scheme.

4500 meters of manned submersible turn from April 13 begin to cistern, had undertaken submergence 48 times in cistern, completed the 26 experiments course that cistern experiment outline sets, undertake grooming to personnel. In give place to check and accept link, 上海龙凤419贵族宝贝Powered By 爱上海贵族宝贝according to experiment outline, submersible total stylist and inspect manage are multinomial to submersible the implementation of index and the spot circumstance that cistern experiments undertake reporting.

The boat is versed in again in Hu Zhen of total stylist of 702 4500 meters of manned submersible: This gives place to check and accept a mark to wear submersible is in our institute, all jobs that create an unit in us had been finished, so submersible function, function, character also satisfied a requirement, can satisfy the requirement of the technical state that gives test of transgression travel submergence.

Meanwhile, the sea of below 4500 meters of manned submersible one phase tries plan to also had decided, inclu上海千花兼职de submergence plan, sea to try content, lash-up beforehand case the numerous de闵行蝴蝶验证归来tails that waits inside all is able to affirm after discuss.

The the Chin上海千花网论坛ese Academy of Sciences is d上海龙凤419论坛Powered By 上海贵族宝贝龙凤eep-sea and scientific with project institute sea of 4500 meters of manned submersible t[......]

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Zhejiang boat上海龙凤阁上海龙凤1314419 hill bend over of the first batch of 3575 fisher ends rests " lift a ban " catch

In new network will r龙凤419贵族宝贝eport on August 1, on August 1 12 when, zhejiang saves boat hill city to pull the work way fisher such as shrimp, basket crock, gill net to end Fu Xiu, lift a ban of the first batch of fisher.

The graph catchs the spot to leave. New network pursues in

According to statistic, zhou 新上海龙凤Shan shares 3575 relevant fisher to leave catch, among them joist lever pul上海千花网论坛ls shrimp 1288, gill net 984, lift net 106, basket crock 280, purse net 110, fishing carry boat 807.

As we have learned, in the wa夜上海最新论坛y of 3 kinds of work that ends Fu Jixiu fishing this, what way of work pulling shrimp basically catchs is slippery skin shrimp, red shrimp, rings shr魔都新茶论坛imp; What way of basket crock work basically catchs is swimming crab, octopus; What way of gill net work basically catchs is Chan of swimming crab, little yellow 上海黑玫瑰croaker, shr上海千花网论坛imp. It is reported, after predicting a few days, fresh sea shrimp can appear on the market, abound the citizen's table.

In addition, dragnet, sail piece the work way fisher such as the net has not end Fu Xiu.

Original title: Zhejiang boat hill 3575 fisher " lift a ban " catch responsibility editor: Zheng Lili[......]

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Sha Shenghu of former vice di贵族宝贝花千坊rector of council of general affairs of nation of the Anhui上海夜网论坛 province by to sue

In report will occupy new network on July 19 message of website of top people procuratorate, committee of general affairs上海龙凤419论坛 of nation of the Anhui province (bureau of general affairs of religion of the Anhui province) Sha Shenghu of former vice director (deputy hall level) be suspected of taking bribes, corruption, misuse of authority one case, procuratorate of people of上海千花网论坛 classics the Anhui province is appointed, investig上海后花园ate by procuratorate of Anqing city people terminative. A few days ago, procuratorate of Anqing city people already to sue of court of intermediate people of Xiang Anqing city.

Procuratorial work mechanism is being examined sue level, the litigant right that informed Sha Shenghu of the accused person to enjoy lawfully, interrogatory Sha Shenghu of the accused person, listened to its to entrust the opinion of paraclete. Indictment of procuratorate of Anqing city people accuses: During tiger of sanded emperor of the accused person is holding the position of secretary of vice secretary of subprefect of golden ca夜上海论坛mp county, head of a county, county Party committee, county Party committee, exploit functionary advantage, for other seek interest, receive other property illegally, amount is huge; Exploit functionary advantage, adopt conceal fact, fictional declare the measure such as material, diddle dormitory rents money of cost, housing to spend allowance, amount is huge; Disobey a 上海龙凤1314419country to concer上海419shlfn a provision, provide a help[......]

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Good news! Enlarge of change Guizhou rai上海花千坊1314l上海龙凤419论坛road can transform shop of project all fronts to connect

Message of Xinhua News Agency, through 5 years of difficult construction, chongqing can transform a project 22 days to Guiyang enlarge all fronts conforms the shop is connected, project entered final sprint phase.

Change Guizhou railroad the line is full-length 345.4 kilometers, the design is customer money in all the crewel electric railway of the line, speed per hour of drive a vehicle 200 kilometers, all fronts sets a station in all 12, erect bridge 323, get through channel 144, build Chongqing and Guiyang at the same time two large key positions. The project always invests about 53 billion yuan, it is the quick passage of north上海千花网论坛west of join of our country southw聚凤阁全国est and Hua Dong, Hua Na.

Railroad of 18 bureaus Yuqian directs iron in long Wu Zhongliang tells a reporter, since the project starred building 2013 oneself, all ginseng builds employee to overcome already wired wait for heavy difficulty to construction interf上海4197龙凤erence. At pres上海千花网419ent construction of change Guizhou railroad has entered final sprint phase, ensure the adjustment couplet that will begin route this year in September tries, be open to traffic of all上海千花网论坛 fronts of the end of the year.

After be open to traffic of the whole line of change Guizhou railroad, chongqing arrives the time of drive a vehicle of Guiyang will be shortened by 9 current many hours, chongqing will decrease by 11 present hours to the time of drive a vehicle of Guangzhou.

Original title: Good news! Enla上海龙凤419论坛rge of chan[......]

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China t阿拉后花园eachs reform: Nearby enter a school is replacing choose s上海千花网论坛chool cake to share fairer

Core is read

Come 5 years, education closes to with reform fair, add vigor: Obligation teachs a respect, the child of big city consolidates nearby enter a school, choose school, hold a person in the palm to make the history gradually, pay of the education condition of impoverished area, teacher also is in improvement, promotion; Higher education respect, "Yo is divided " change direction " Yo person " , division of cent of unity and coherence in writing, take an examination of calm lifelong 上海贵族宝贝论坛fade gradually, examinee had more choice, college criterion be able to untie a person is decreased negative; The profession teachs a respect, the country is increased aid financially strength, contemporary profession teachs systematic frame to be formed basically.

Educational enterprise develops, vigor of opportunity of survival depends on reform. Of the party 18 put forward clearly greatly, deepen educational field to be reformed integratedly. Come 5 years, educational system insists to close to in order to reform from beginning to end fair, promote quality in order to reform, add vigor in order to reform. Reform, become the keyword with teach a career 5 years to come the most important.

Compulsory education: Fill on short board, education helps deficient up, boost resource steadily balanced change

To compulsory education phase, fairness is the most important value pursuit. Go 5 years, of big city " choose school is hot " the educational weakness issue that reachs impoverished[......]

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Shaanxi Xi'an high 贵族宝贝上海论坛new developed area is in charge of appoint Lu Liangdong of can deputy floorwalk南京千花网论坛er violates discipline badly by discharge party membership

A few days ago, via approval of Shaanxi Xi'an municipal Party committee, xi'an city discipline appoint be in charge of to new and high area appoint Lu Liangdong of can deputy floorwalker violated age issue badly to undertake put on record is 上海贵族宝贝龙凤examined.

Via checking, lu Liangdong is holding the position of new and high area to be in charge of appoint during director as上海外菜会所sistant, can deputy floorwalker, change is torn open in major project in, fulfil obligation not strictly, derelict, cause the company that tear open change to add an area through ev爱上海上海千花网论坛aluating link empty, set take finance fund, cause huge pecuniary loss to the country, property is abominable, the clue is serious. According to " byelaw of Chinese Communist disciplinary treatment " concerned regulation, classics city discipline appoint standing committee conference stud上海贵族宝贝sh1314ies and newspaper munici上海千花网论坛pal Party committee is approved, the decision gives Lu Liangdong disciplinary action of discharge party membership. its dereliction of 上海千花网论坛duty of working neglect one's duty is suspected of violating guilty issue, move send a judiciary to be handled lawfully. (CCTV reporter Wang Zhijie)


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Former president of group of Wu of Jiangsu Xuzhou mine bribery blame of Wu Zhigang experience is 上海花千坊1314investigated上海贵族宝贝sh1314 by put on record

Jiangsu procuratorial work is online message, a few days ago, procuratorate classics decides Jiangsu province people, lawfully Wu Zhigang of上海千花网论坛Powered By 爱上海贵族宝贝 former to上海千花网论坛 group of Xuzhou mine Wu president (main hall class) with be suspected of bribery blame put on record is investigated, adopt coercive measures. Case 上海419龙凤验证归来investigation job is undertaking in.

Wu Zhigang 上海千花网论坛resume

Wu Zhigang, male, the Han nationality, unripe in August 1962, jiangsu seaside person, in October 1985 join or be admitted to the party, had a job in August 1982, management learns a doctor (on-the-job education) . Was graduated from department of mining of institute of Shandong mining industry in July 1982, held the post of Xuzhou Bu上海千花网论坛reau of Mines in December 1989 ass千花网论坛约会归来istant chief engineer of 3 rivers p上海千花网论坛Powered By 上海龙凤419贵族宝贝ointed colliery, deputy mine of 3 rivers pointed colliery grew Bureau of Mines of Ren Xu city in October 1990, mine of banner hill colliery grew Bureau of Mines of Ren Xu city in August 1996, held the post of vise general manager of Xu mine group in January 2000, held the post of vice secretary of director of Xu mine group, general manager, Party committee to hold deputy director general of Xuzhou Bureau of Mines concurrently in June 2002, held the post of secretary of president of Xu mine group, Party committee in July 2013.

Original title: Wu Zhigang of former president of group of Wu of Jiangsu Xuzhou mine is suspected of bribery blame be being edi[......]

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CCTV is announced " male ladder of power cut of child make water 新上海龙凤品茶falls " picture of the monitoring inside ac上海龙凤阁cident elevator (video)

Justice ladder of power cut of make water of Wu N上海千花网论坛an child falls carelessly vi上海贵族宝贝论坛deo is announced first. Video origin: CCTV news video edits Zhang Tongze (01:07)

Click a picture to watch

According to CCTV news small gain on August 5 message, on夜上海最新论坛 August 3, zhejiang justice black one costume market, a boy is controlled toward elevator advocate board positional piddle, elevator malfunctions suddenly hover, after the boy climbs the door inside elevator and external door clearance, fall at present the child still is in the ICU. The branch is preliminary related place decide上海外菜会所 elevator standstill reason, the uric fluid that is the child causes elevator circuit board short circuit.

(primary problem is " male the head that send 上海419验证归来skull falls to injure after ladder of power cut of child make water! Who should this thing blame? " )

Responsibility 上海千花网论坛上海千花网论坛edits: Ceng Shaolin[......]

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