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Day intermediary investigation shows 6 think to install into the countryman times " cannot trust "

News agency of Japanese morning sun spreads out public opinion poll 8 days in Japanese whole nation with 9 days, the result shows install 61% peoples think ti上海千花网论坛mes cannot trust. Day intermediary analysis thinks this result suffers add plan lyceum incident impact is very big.

In addition, investigation still shows, install rate of times minist上海千花网论坛erial support to had dropped to 33% , after be being started to install the 2nd times cabinet, innovate again low, and not supportive rate is amounted to new tall. [reporter Ma Li]

Responsibility edits: Ji Wei dimension[......]

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Russian south produces accident of two cars barge against to send 2 people to die 27 people are injured

In new network report will report 17 days according to Russia satellite network on July 17, area of border area of Er of Luo Bo of Russia south Si Dafu produces accident of traffic of passenger car and car barge against one case. According to Russia personage of urgent branch information says, this accident causes 2 people to die, 27上海千花网论坛 people are injured.

According to the report, this accident happens in Sidafuluoboer Soviet of border area area area. According to prel上海千花网论坛iminary speculation, plate number sails for the car of VAZ2110 Xiang Ni goes driveway and passenger car barge against, later the car searchs ditch in.

Emergency department staff expresses Russia, this accident causes 2 people death, 27 people to get hurt, the 22 people in the person that hurt are sent cure cure, among them 4 people the condition of an injury is serious, spend in 18 people get hurt.

Have the reason of traffic accident about leading to this, according to preliminary information, car driver may be asleep when drive.


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Residence of Kenya vice president sends 1 person to get hurt by assault of the man that hold a knife

Electric Kenya police will say the Luo Bi inside Xinhua News Agency 29 days on July 29, lu Tuo of vice president Williams is located in agree western town the residence held knife man held the one place country near Aierduoleite to make a surprise attack that day by, cause to be on duty personnel gets hurt. When the accident, lu Tuo and its home person already went out.

Yaosefuboyineite is in Kenya police chief inspector that evening express in a statement, 29 days midday 12 when the left and right sides, a man of unidentified identity holds chopper to approach the entrance door of Lu Tuo residence, be on duty to personnel chops several knives repeatedly, enter the house subsequently. Other be on duty staff acts quickly, charger is forced to hide into the gate around one still is inside the building of construction.

Statement says, lu Tuo and its home person already all went out when the accident, get hurt be on duty personnel already got cure, the state is at present stable. Police already sent more alarm force is driven go to the spot, the further detail of i上海千花网论坛ncident will at be being released later on.

Ke上海千花网论坛nya plans to will hold general election on August 8. It is reported, lu Tuo leaves the house before the accident and head for the town around, with agree presidential Kenyada attends electioneering together. (Wang Xiaopeng of reporter Jin Zheng)

Original title: Residence of Kenya vice president sends 1 person to get hurt by assault of the man that hold a knife responsibi[......]

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Pakistan is in office the party nominates Xiabaci Xielifu is new prime minister

Login register Pakistan of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be in office does the party nominate is Xiabaci Xielifu: of origin of new prime minister? Salary  ?2017-07-30 09:48 Http://www.mnw.cn/

Xinhua News Agency is Mohammedan fort on July 29 report Pakistan is in office party Moslem is allied (Xielifupa) announce 29 days, general of the block other nomination saves chief minister Xiabacixielifu to be new prime minister, oil and rich minister Sha Xide breath out bank A Brazil before to transfer premier.

This was on May 22, 2017, general of the block other Pakistan saves chief minister Xiabacixielifu to be in the data photograph that Lageer makes a speech on a conference. Hair of Xinhua News Agency

Cling to ex-premier Xielifu was chaired in Mohammedan fort that day hold Moslem alliance (Xielifupa) high-level conference, announce afore-mentioned decisions after the meeting. Conference decision, before the premier that approves Xiabaci in congress nominates, by Shaxidehakana Brazil is held the position of transfer premier.

According to Pakistan law provision, premier person selected must be congressman. Xia Baci is not congressman at present, accordingly he gains congressman competence above all only, ability takes up the post of a premier.

Occupy Pakistan media coverage additionally, sha Xide breaths out bank A Brazil transfer premier lieutenancy has 45 days only, during this, xia Baci will perform the procedure of succession[......]

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"Wonderful Olympic Games, sing noisy peace " activity of Olympic Games theme is held in los angeles

Los angeles of China News Service on July 30 report (reporter Zhang Shuo) " wonderful Olympic Games, sing noisy peace " activity of Olympic Games theme is held late on July 30 local time in American los angeles.

Los angeles ever sponsorred summertime Olympic Games for two times, the 10th was 1932 respectively mixes the 23rd of 1984. 33 years ago on July 28, the 23rd Olympic Games commemorates in los angeles stadium kicks off. After 33 years, los angeles Chinese conducts activity of Olympic Games theme here, it is to celebrate los angeles Olympic Games held 33 years successfully 1984, 2 it is to support los angeles the 3rd times to hold the Olympic Games, 3 it is to congratulate beforehand Beijing 2022 consummation of Olympic Winter Games.

This second activity is met by association of gymnast of American California Chinese and women etc sponsor. Sponsor just say, this activity got government of office of los angeles mayor, los angeles county, los angeles abstruse explain appoint, the support of the orgnaization such as committee of los angeles athletic sports.

Chairman of association of gymnast of American California Chinese gets the better of reporters of pair of China News Service high to say, los angeles has long Olympic Games history, los angeles Olympic Games also has lot very much with Chinese sports. Los angeles has an opportunity the 3rd time上海千花网论坛s to hold the Olympic Games, local Chinese wishs to wait for a respect to produce positive effect in volunteer service. Sport[......]

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Dog of Japanese autumn cropland has his moment dog of of all kinds Qiu Tian shows the account establishment 2018 leap

According to Japan " morning sun news " report, dog of Japanese autumn cropland is saved ever can be in winner of gold of woman of figure skating of the given 2018 Olympic Winter Games that make the same score prosperous, Russia player A Lina Zajituowa dog of a Qiu Tian. Then, the order of doll of autumn cropland dog that comes from Japanese each district also comes in great numbers. While dog of Dan Zaiqiu cropland becomes star of the gas that it is a person at top speed, also brought about autumn cropland dog to show the dog body inside establishment unwell etc, new issue is shown subsequently.

In the past, of autumn cropland dog famous although,spend tall, but the installation that can not see them actually almost. Was August 2018 probably the autumn cropland dog in start business of big house town interactive place sparked the person is angry, reveal establishment to be in 2018 leap. Current, there already are 13 to reveal establishment inside autumn cropland county.

Be in in this kind of establishment earn while the person is enraged, also appeared a few problems. Of big house city interactive at a year in, above of 20 thousand person calls in, 2 establishment insid上海千花网论坛e autumn cropland city, add up to call in the number also exceeded 85000 people. Autumn cropland dog is in after seeing so much stranger, scrape up a lot of pressure.

In flyer of interactive department of big house city (the body of Qiu Tian dog in Asuka) appears unwell hind, its from last year the middle[......]

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FBI " connect Russia " investigation report churns Telangpu pushs Washington Wen Meng rancors

American president Tangnadetelangpu 12 days of cite " new York Times " a report, critical FBI (FBI) is without reason ground to launch investigation in the light of him.

That reports, the FBI investigated Telangpu to whether work for Russia 2017, then harms American interest.

Congressman of a few senior and democratic party membership is responded to 12 days, had seen a story, will continue to prompt the investigation that connect Russia.

[immediate target]

" new York Times " do not wish 11 days to publish a full name with much name execute the law personnel reports for news source, telangpu removed in May 2017 the post of FBI director Zhanmusikemi, FBI number Queen of heaven starts counterespionage investigation and criminal investigation in the light of Telangpu.

Invest上海千花网论坛igation content includes Telangpu to whether constitute menace to American state security, whether just work for Russia or just be affected whether inadvertently by Russia, discharge division rice is cloggy judicatory is just.

Report, FBI place makes investigation later the investigation connecting Russia that Luobaitemile directs as special as judiciary inquisitor closes 2 for one, not clear and former whether to still continue to investigate Telangpu alone later.

Rice straps what the group investigates Telangpu since May 2017 to enter into an election contest whether is the group colluded with with Russia respect during the president entered into an election contest 2016, did not point to investigati[......]

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German warship comes nearly 20 years head into Nanhai

15 days of reports say Reuter, 19 years are lain between to entered Nanhai first that day when German warship, system of the oldest economy also joins this Europe ranks of other west state, expand in the martial activit上海千花网论坛y of Asia-Pacific area. Spokesman of German department of defense expresses, german warship will abide by general trade line to pass Nanhai.

Before date frigate sets out at German Williams port leaving at the beginning of August, German Bavaria is gone to imprint too area, will accomplish the feat that will 20 years visit Japan first in November. Reuter says 15 days, bavarian date will be 2002 since first De Jun naval ships that wears Vietnam sea. Spokesman of German department of defense expresses, this Germany warship passes Nanhai in heading for Singapore road, predict whole range counts last a period of time day. This naval vessel won't pass through taiwan strait.

Bavarian date is gone to this imprint too an act that the area is considered as Germany to enlarge martial force. This boat ever still applied for harbor of berth China Shanghai. This year September, spokesman of German Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, after the consideration that passes period of time, china decides not to let Shanghai of berth of Bavarian date frigate. The report says, just think Germany passes all sorts of information that give in too confused, differentiate hard. According to German department of defense 14 days newest map of issuance Bavarian date voyage, it still will vi[......]

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14 deads identity already affirmed Japanese fire the citizen is initiative display a flower to indicate mourning

In new network integrated day intermediary will report report on December 20, recently, fire of building of Japanese Osaka downtown causes at上海千花网论坛tention. Fire already caused 24 people death, among them, 14 deads identity already got affirming. Guilty suspect is a male of 61 years old, because weigh an injury,accepting treatment in the hospital at present.

The report says, the on fire dot of this conflagration is a building clinic of 4 a psychology. 19 days, the strong point of this clinic already was affirmed to die. Monitoring record shows, guilty suspect ignited the combustible liquid that he brings with lighter. At present police is opposite guilty motive undertake investigating.

The report points out, a few days ago, fire spot has a lot of citizens initiative display a flower to indicate mourning.

Second fire is here medium, the man that lost a good friend expresses, new coronal epidemic situation just controlled, already agreed to attend year end party with the other side. The thing happens too suddenly, I do not have real sense completely.

The person that is acquainted with director of on fire clinic says, the strong point is a very candid person, humanness is very low-key, the clinic that why is him (produce an accident) ? Return somebody to say, the strong point is very tender person, I do not think he can have with who celebrate a festival.

As a result of the accident that day, the project of psychological diagnosis and treatment that this clinic is developing the[......]

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2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is newest leg is detailed edition Olympic Games general view of program of government-owned net leg

Tokyo Olympic Games is detailed 2020 leg 16 days announce formally, head gold will enrage the generation in musket project 10 meters in the woman.

Opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympic Games will be held on July 24, closure is on August 9.

The date of match of track and field was on July 31 ~ on August 9.

Abstruse meeting will be in incomplete to kicked off on August 25, concluded on September 6, track and field was on August 28 ~ was held on September 6.

Current, the leg at the beginning of the track and field of the Olympic Games has given heat.

Note: Time is Tokyo time below, faster than Beijing time 1 hour.

Schedule of leg of Tokyo Olympic Games

On July 31, 2020 Zhou Wu

Early in the morning is unit (6:00-7:35)

Man 20 kilometers walk

Unit in the morning (9:00-12:30)

Man preliminary contest of 3000 meters of obstacles

Pass mark of man high jump is surpassed

Man discus pass mark is surpassed

Woman 800 meters of preliminary contest

Man preliminary contest of 400 meters of column

Woman 100 meters of preliminary contest

The dusk is unit (19:00-21:10)

Woman 5000 meters of preliminary contest

Pass mark of woman triple jump is surpassed

Woman shot pass mark is surpassed

Preliminary contest of relay of rice of mixture 4 400

Man prize-giving ceremony of 20 kilometers walk

Man 10000 meters of final

On August 1, 2020 Saturday

Unit in the morning (9:00-12:00)

Woman preliminary contest of 400 meters of column

Woman discus pass mark is surpassed

Pass mark of man pole vault is surpassed


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